Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Operation: Around the Horn

We went out for lunch at Smashburger today, stopping at Office Max on the way home where I picked up three more storage bins for the desk. Sadly, I wanted eight and they don't seem to be available on the website, although they are available from Office Max on eBay for substantially more than I paid in the store. Go figure.

Then we stopped at Home Depot, where I picked up the odd switch plate for the switches near the front door, a replacement rocker switch and plate for the downstairs bathroom where the rocker switch was failing, and a scrub brush with an extension handle for daisy_knotwise to use in our continuing quest to make the oven stop emitting smoke every time we turn it on.

This was followed by an excursion to Walgreen's where they had two of the four items that I was looking for and managed to not apply the store coupon to one of them, requiring me to return the product and buy it again.

Finally, we hit Sam's Club where gas was down to $1.93 as Gretchen filled her tank and I was able to get stew beef for dinner and quart-sized freezer bags that are on sale this month.

All that done, I wired in the new switch in the bathroom and replaced the last switch plate while Gretchen cleaned the oven which no longer seems determined to smoke us out of house and home.

And the stew was good. :)
Tags: home, musings

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