Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Making Progress

I've had the chance to spend a little time in the studio this week working on the new mix for The Grim Roper. I think I'm starting to get a good feel for what works with these nearly thirty year old tracks that I'm stripping back to just vocals and guitar plus some occasional (and quite welcome!) fiddle from Amy.

These tracks were originally recorded with a Teac 80-8 and AKG 414 mics which were pretty much the state of filk art back then. The 414s are still fine mics; a Teac 80-8's mic pres not so much. The analog tape was transferred to an ADAT using that machine's converters which were (again) at the state of filk art then, but much less so now. And now I'm mixing in Cubase with plugins that are pretty much today's state of filk art.

And then there's the change in my voice and guitar technique over the years.

This whole thing is an experiment in time travel.

I hope folks like it when I'm done. :)
Tags: dodeka, filk, home, musings, tech

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