Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Push and Pop

I'm working on getting things accomplished today. We had a very productive rehearsal for the upcoming SpaceTime Theater show at Capricon. Yay!

After dinner, I came back and went to work proofreading the eBook version of Harvest Season so we can get it released. I'm about halfway through, because this is requiring closer proofing than I'd hoped. All of the hard hyphens that occurred at the end of lines appear to have been removed in the conversion along with a number of spaces between sentences. I've also found two random insertions of a single character. And I've found a few typos that slipped through the initial proofreading for the print edition. I'm about halfway through and my eyeballs are bleeding.

Vlad is working on updating the website so that we can turn the file loose on the world, so I will finish up the proofreading tomorrow and we'll get this rolling out.

Tags: home, isfic press, musings, spacetime

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