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Because Life Can Never Be Too Complex

We've noticed that our washer has occasionally seemed to leak some water. daisy_knotwise has assumed this was a result of a too-heavy load backing up the drain hose, which was plausible.

I went downstairs tonight to transfer laundry from the washer to the dryer and discovered that we'd stopped at the beginning of the rinse cycle due to an unbalanced load. I also noticed that there seemed to be a small amount of water on the floor. Well, that didn't look promising, but it could have been from some previous load, so let's just adjust the load and let it finish.

And then I headed off to the studio, where I did a remix on "Teaching Song" for The Grim Roper. This was the only progress that I made on the album over the weekend, because we had a SpaceTime Theater rehearsal and I spent much of the weekend proofreading the Harvest Season e-book so we can get it released for ISFiC Press (How many hyphens at the end of a line can be dropped? How many spaces can be left out? Stay tuned!). That took long enough that I could hear that the spin cycle was done, so back to the laundry room.

Where there was a lot of water on the floor. I moved the two items that might take damage from the water before it dried out and then proceeded to investigate. The drain hose had not leaked, because there was no sign of water there. The intake hoses had not leaked. So pretty much the water had to be coming out the bottom of the washer, which certainly fit the pattern that I was seeing on the floor.

Off to Google. There are a number of things that might have failed inside the washer, all of which were likely to be difficult for me to replace, all of which were likely to cost me a substantial amount of money if I called a repairman. And it's not like I have time to disassemble a washer, nor can we really go very long without one here. Yes, I suppose the laundromat is an alternative, but not a good one.

And the current washer is 20 years old.

I think it's time for the washer to go.

I have located a washer from one of the local appliance stores online and have determined that it could be delivered Tuesday. I've also measured the doors to make sure that it will fit through them. (It will.)

The only hold up at this point is that I was (in theory) able to qualify for a 10% discount on the purchase by signing Gretchen up for their e-mail list. (I'm already on it.) So she is signed up for the list and I am waiting for the e-mail to arrive either on her machine or in the Spam bucket.

This is not catastrophic, because I can afford to pay for a new washer.

It is, however, pretty annoying.

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