Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Waiting For the Washer

I got up early this morning and ordered the new washer before shoveling the driveway, as I wanted to make sure that we got it tomorrow. A few minutes ago, they called and told us that delivery was scheduled between 5 and 8 PM tomorrow, which is about as close to optimum as could happen for us.

Of course, it was necessary to prep the space for the new washer and the path that the new washer will take into the house. Thus, the bins that were sitting at the bottom of the basement stairs have been moved (not put away, but moved :) ), the enormous box of styrofoam packing peanuts that would surely get knocked over spilling styrofoam everywhere has been shuttled off to a temporary storage location, and the laundry room floor, which has desperately needed to be picked up roughly since Katie was born, is now clean in all of the areas where work may need to occur.

The basement doors are 29 inches wide. The washer is 27 inches wide, so with any reasonable luck, it will not be necessary to take the doors off their hinges to get the beast to the laundry room.

I gave up on waiting for daisy_knotwise to get her coupon to apply to the price of the washer, because it was already discounted by more than the maximum amount that the fine print said was allowed, so the coupon probably wouldn't have applied anyway.

(I have noticed an annoying tendency for vendor coupons to work for everything except the things that I want to buy. Ah, well.)
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