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Where In the World Is Daisy Knotwise? 
11th-Feb-2005 12:23 am
That was the question that so many at Capricon were asking on Thursday. The answer was "stuck in traffic picking up filkertom from Union Station".

I got there within an hour after she left. I set up our sound system in the big programming room (with some help from Dave McCarty and Helen Montgomery who ran out to Radio Shack to grab a 25 foot headphone extension cable so I could get one of the speakers to the far side of the stage). I even got to plug my guitar directly into it and see how it sounded. (Pretty good, I'm happy to report.) Then I went up and continued setting up the table that daisy_knotwise had been working on before ducking out.

Gretchen got back just before 9 PM. She did a bit more table-setting, then the two of us headed out for some dinner while Tom went to his room to crash.

I'm home now. Gretchen's staying at the hotel, because she's on the committee, but I have to work tomorrow. Actually, so does she, because tomorrow's the last day before the conversion to the First Bank systems at work. I expect I'll get to the con long before she does.

But we'll see.
13th-Feb-2005 04:09 am (UTC)
Yup, a 15 hour day.
Got there at 8:15 Am
Got out 11:15 pm.
The bank bought both lunch and dinner so it was pretty much straight through.
Had to go back Saturday AM for about an hour and a half, but all of the tellers and CSR's could sign on and get data.
We left the IT boys wrangling about why the phone system went down.
Monday will be interesting.
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