Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


I missed last year's Billy Joel concert at Wrigley Field, because I was at Detcon. When the Cubs announced their pre-sale for tickets for another Billy Joel concert this year, I asked daisy_knotwise if she wanted to go and, if not, if it was ok if I went by myself. Gretchen would rather not deal with the crowd, so was happy to let me go by myself.

When the pre-sale opened at 10 AM this morning, we were busy trying to help Julie extract a very loose tooth that needed to come out before she went to school. So I ran in, ordered and paid for the tickets, and went back to tooth extraction.

It was somewhat later, after Gretchen had left to run an errand that I realized that the concert was on August 27th.

That would be our anniversary.

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