Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

It's Gonna Be a Bright Sunshiny Day

It warmed up above 40 degrees here with lots of sunshine, which was good for everyone's mood. We ran out and took care of a number of errands after lunch, first stopping at Home Depot where I had gone to buy some replacement wood screws so we could fix the cabinet in the bathroom. As I walked in, I noticed that they had the original 60W equivalent Cree Soft-White LED bulbs on sale at $24 for the six-pack as they were on clearance. I ended up buying two packs, because they're more efficient than the replacement bulb (if slightly less attractive) and $4 / bulb is dirt cheap. I also bought an LED bulb to experiment with in the ceiling fan fixture in the bedroom, where we needed a particular type of small floodlight. Phillips is now making a 60W equivalent LED bulb in that form factor, so I figured I'd give it a try. The CFL bulbs that have been in there for years take forever to warm up to provide any decent light and I have wanted to replace them for quite a while.

Oh, yes. I also bought the wood screws in both the original and the next size up. :)

Then we returned the extra candy thermometer to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Katie's got her school's science fair coming up and was enthusiastic when I suggested growing sugar crystals for the project, but that meant that we needed a candy thermometer to get the sugar solution to the right temperature. daisy_knotwise picked one up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, then found one at Walmart that was both cheaper and better suited to our needs, so I took the first one (still unopened) back for a refund.

At Sam's Club, I grabbed a few things while Gretchen gassed up the car for about 30 cents a gallon cheaper than anywhere else in the neighborhood. And then we finally headed home, where Gretchen dropped me and Julie off and took Katie out to Lee Wards to look for markers to use when making posters for the science fair project. I watched Julie play Minecraft, as I owed her some Daddy time. Mostly, this meant that I looked on approvingly as she fed and led her Minecraft doggie around. :)

While Gretchen was out, I popped in the new LED bulb in the bedroom and determined that I definitely liked it better than the old bulbs. (This was not a hard hurdle to clear.) When she got back, I flipped on the switch to show Gretchen the new bulb.

"Well, it comes on, but I can't tell if I like the color compared to the old bulbs, because they're too dim to be able to see yet."

True enough. So we fixed the cabinet in the bathroom, which gave the old bulbs enough time to warm up for comparison. Gretchen agreed that the new bulbs were an improvement, so I headed back to Home Depot to get three more of them and three more packages of the larger wood screws so that we could replace the rest of the screws in the bathroom cabinet which were, well, a bit shaky.

Now all of the bulbs are replaced and we can have lots of light in the bedroom on demand again. Gretchen still does not care for the glare from the overhead fixture, but -- as she observes -- after this many years, she's gotten used to it.
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