Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Meanwhile, Back at the Track Meet...

Ok, not a real track meet, but it feels that way.

We went to ConClave and did our annual SpaceTime show, which went pretty well. We had a framing sequence where Gretchen and I played the opposing lawyers in the case of Fantasy vs. Science Fiction. The Suttons were the judges, the audience was the jury. It was a little slow at a couple of points, but overall seemed to work well and several people commented that they enjoyed the framing sequence.

I got back to work on Monday and added two more days to the one that I'd spent previously trying to get our project properly set up for the newest version of Visual Studio. I hate editing project files by hand. But all's well that ends or something like that...

My dad's widow, Connie, has finally agreed -- after about 20 months of varied negotiations -- that she will allow us to give her the house in Belleville that my father left her a life estate in and that she doesn't want to live in. That way, she can sell it and move and we can stop being responsible for it. You'd think this would be simpler.

I've been catching up on the paperwork for the WindyCon Art Show (which I'm running again this year). Still got some to do, but it's much more under control now.

Tomorrow, we're off to OVFF where I'm the GoH. (Cool!) Which means I should finish my notes for the workshop I'm giving. Like now. :)

Today is Gretchen's birthday. Tonight, she's at a Capricon board meeting. It figures. But I'm looking forward to when she gets home.

(Last night, I gave her her birthday present -- a 37 piece Grandeur Noel Victorian Christmas village. She was delighted and so was I.)

Ok, back to work now...
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