Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie

The Girl Scout cookies arrived today, which meant that it was time to go retrieve them from the middle school gym where all of the area's cookies had been unloaded. There were many, many parents there.

There were even more cookies.

Our troop's cookie coordinator had liberated a large flatbed cart from the school which she and I stacked 56 cartons of Thin Mints on. I then stacked another 32 cartons of Samoas on top of those. Fortunately, the loading dock ramp was open, so I rolled this cart of sugary doom down and over to our van, which held nearly all of the cart load.

Overall, the troop took a bit more than 200 cartons of cookies, which the four of us rolled out in three vans and back to the cookie coordinator's living room, which is now home to a whole lot of cookies.

I collected Katie's cookies and took them home, along with our cart, which was quite helpful, if not nearly as helpful as the liberated flatbed. :)

Anybody need some cookies?

(We'll make delivery to the Capricon concom at next Saturday's closeout meeting.)
Tags: home, kids, musings

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