Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

OK, Maybe It *Is* That Simple

Today at work, I went back to hacking around with the code that I had been working on last Friday. I sent an e-mail out to the group, gleaned some more information about how they wanted the logging implementation to work, patched in the database persistence code, and got something that is frighteningly close to a complete system.

We still need to finish the database persistence code (there's another fellow who actually pulls all of that together) and I still need to fill out a couple of more functions in my standard boilerplate for classes that are persisted in the database, but this is actually nearly ready to be tested.

Save for the pesky absence of an actual logging implementation to link in with the system. But we can sort that out tomorrow. :)
Tags: computers, java, musings, work

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