Bill Roper's Journal
Replacement Parts 
25th-Feb-2015 08:42 pm
When I sold the Mackie d8b, I kept the big Argosy 90 mixing console in the basement, because it's a handy piece of furniture and -- even if I sold it and got rid of it -- I would have to find something to replace it that would probably cost more than I got from selling the old console. Late last year, samwinolj came over and helped me cut a couple of pieces of oak plywood to drop into the large hole that the mixer had formerly occupied. daisy_knotwise stained them, we dropped them in, and voila! A big empty hole that things would fall into was transformed into a surface that would hold a Mackie Big Knob and a Behringer X Touch control surface.

Now, there is some tendency for things to roll underneath the armrest at the front of that section, but Gretchen has promised to make a fill piece that will prevent those same things from escaping. So that will be taken care of.

But there was the cutout in the armrest where the job / shuttle wheel for the d8b used to go. It was going to end up sitting directly in front of the control surface and become a repository for every small lost object in the studio. We could have jammed something in there to fill the hole, but that was not exactly going to be an attractive solution.

So I went browsing on the Internet and found the Argosy Console folks were still happily operating. An e-mail and a phone call later, I discovered that I could get a replacement for the armrest without the cutout for a price that was not extortionate. And it arrived today and has been safely installed.

As I was warned, they've changed vinyl suppliers, so the new vinyl doesn't quite match the old, but that's fine.

Now, if Behringer would just ship the control surface, I'd be done with this refit. :)
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