Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Just a Wee Bit Tired

Not wanting to leave the Dead Dog filk at Consonance before I had to, I ended up crawling into bed at about 12:30 AM ahead of my 6 AM wake up call. I got to the airport in plenty of time to drop off the rental car, which was good, because the security line was monstrously slow and it took me 45 minutes to clear it, finishing with a pat down search, because I had sweated so much in line in my winter coat that I was covered in sweaty clothing that the microwave scanner couldn't read through. *sigh*

But the flight home was wonderfully pleasant, as I suggested to a young mother with a two-and-a-half year old daughter that I would be delighted if they took the middle and window seat next to me. I helped keep her little girl entertained until she fell asleep and was pretty much guaranteed not to complain about any possible behavior that the little girl might exhibit. (Which was essentially none, other than removing boots and socks. I am rather used to this. :) )

Of course, tomorrow is the day that the cleaning lady is coming, so the downstairs needed to be prepped, a task that I was not as useful at as I might have hoped due to a bit of digestive distress that is gradually clearing itself up. And when I did get downstairs to help, I got to head out for an emergency Home Depot run to replace a toilet seat that had failed catastrophically.

The new toilet seat installed, I helped with the final bits of pick up and put away for the night; then took Katie and Julie upstairs to read them a story.

It was good to go.

And it is good to be home.
Tags: cons, home, kids, musings

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