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Bill Roper's Journal
It's a Learning Experience 
11th-Mar-2015 10:48 pm
As I continue to work on the mass of Java code that I've developed, the next step is to consider writing some JUnit unit tests. Or perhaps, more than just consider it, because they're really going to be necessary.

Fortunately, the Job/Task pair of related classes makes an excellent tackling dummy for learning how to do this, as they're pretty much completely isolated from the rest of the world, so they don't need much to make them run.

Except that I need a WorkManager to actually run the Job. And for that, I have to get the JUnit unit test to run inside of WebLogic. Eep!

Today, I spent some time figuring out how to run the JUnit tests inside of JDeveloper using the built-in support there. That seems to be going well, in that the tests actually ran and succeeded and produced the success / failure report that I was supposed to see.

It looks like I may be able to set up the WebLogic bits by using the Apache Jakarta Cactus package.

Which is tomorrow's problem.

In the meantime, I think I'll go find daisy_knotwise and watch Agents of SHIELD. :)
12th-Mar-2015 02:29 pm (UTC)
You may also find Mockito useful, especially if you're using Spring or some other dependency-injection framework.
12th-Mar-2015 03:52 pm (UTC)
I took a brief look at it. It may be useful in the future, but right now I need a real WorkManager to make sure that the multithreading and synchronization are set up properly. :)

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