Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Bike Shopping and a Movie

Not in that order.

samwinolj and Bonnie came out and joined us for lunch at Steak and Shake followed by a trip across the mall to the theater where we watched the new Cinderella movie. This was preceded by the Frozen Fever short, which the girls may have liked better than the movie. :) But it was a nice expansion of the Cinderella story and we enjoyed it.

Then we went home, cleaned out the van, and Sam, Bonnie, Katie, and I went out to Walmart to look for a new bicycle for Katie, as she's been working on outgrowing the previous bike for a while. After some indecision and discovering that the first bike that Katie liked really needed some serious adjustment of the hand brakes, I found a nice Schwinn model with both hand brakes and coaster brakes that filled the bill nicely. We also got a new helmet for Katie and bike locks for both girls, who seem intent on riding their bikes to school in the near future.

We'll see how that goes. :)

Later in the afternoon, I fired up the grill in honor of the arrival of spring and cooked fresh bratwurst and polish sausage. And in a surprise, I found sweet corn at the Jewel that looked decent, so we had that too.

It was virtually summer...
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