Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Feeling Flat

I headed out for lunch today, intending to go to Charcoal Delights, and discovered quickly that there was something wrong with my right front tire. I limped it over to the restaurant, discovered it was not a happy tire at all, and rolled it on to the Just Tires next door where I had bought the tires back in 2008 after getting a blowout from a pothole. Fortunately, I'd also bought the road hazard warranty, so the replacement tire only cost $40 installed. I ended up also replacing the left front tire so that they matched.

I note that the new road hazard warranty is substantially less good, as it expires after 36 months, while the old one was good for the life of the tire. Ah, well. I will likely replace this car some time in the next three years anyway...
Tags: cars, home, musings

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