Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Sure. Why Not?

Although I finished up the Dodeka tax forms over the weekend, there is that necessary step of printing them out, signing them, and mailing them.

Piece of cake.

I printed out the Federal forms and flipped through them. My eye goes, "Wait! Something's wrong."

Yup. I'd farbled our home zip code by one digit on the two K-1 forms. Ok. Edit the PDF, print out the forms, sign them, collate them, and declare victory for the Federal taxes.

On to the State tax forms. I print out the forms and carefully check to make sure that I'm filing all of the bits that I need to file and not filing any of the bits that I don't need to file.

And they've made a change to Schedule B (which I'm filing) and there's a field that was never there before which needs to be filled in.

I can do that. Pull up the PDF, fill in the field, and print the page.

Why is the printer blinking an orange exclamation point at me? I stand up and read the message on the LCD screen.

"Replace black cartridge."

Thud. Thud. Thud.

However, I happily have a replacement black cartridge for the laser printer, because I bought one several months ago when the printer started to complain about the cartridge being low. So I pull it out of the closet and prepare to insert it.

The problem is that the printer stand -- actually a file cabinet -- is wide enough to handle the printer under normal circumstances, but not with the cover open so that you can replace a toner cartridge. I pull it forward a bit on the stand, lever the top open, discover that the wrong cartridge is in the slot to be replaced in the carousel, close the top, and rotate the cartridges.

Open the top, reach in with one hand, pull out the old cartridge. Reach for the new cartridge--

And let go of the lid, which closes, sending the printer into an initialization cycle missing one cartridge.

Open the top again, but the slot that I want has rotated away and can't be rotated back to until the initialization cycle is done.

The initialization cycle ends. I pull the printer a bit more precariously forward on the stand, rotate to the correct cartridge, open the lid in a way so that it will stay up, and insert the new cartridge.

I close the lid, push the printer back into position, and declare victory.

And the printer beeps and announces that it wants to run a "Cleaning Cycle".

The printer has never asked for one of these before, but, ok, sure, why not? Just because daisy_knotwise and the girls are downstairs waiting for me to finish printing this out before they go to lunch, why not spend a little more time on this fool's errand? (Anyway, it is clearly not prepared to let me print anything until I submit.)

So I hit the check mark to let it run. And it announces that it wants paper in Tray 1.

Right. The pull out tray that I never put paper in except for special jobs, because leaving it open will result in the printer rapidly becoming a broken printer. Fine.

Open the locked paper cabinet -- locked, because I have little girls who will steal all available paper given an opportunity -- grab some paper, load it to Tray 1. The cleaning cycle commences.

Several minutes later, two blank sheets of paper come out of the printer and are consigned to the scrap paper pile.

And I can finally print the last page of the tax return.

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