Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Game Called on Account of Yuck

I had made plans to go down to Wrigley tonight with Gary Ehrlich, who is in town for a conference.

And then, contact with the enemy happened.

First, I was a watering, sneezy mess, pretty clearly a head cold and not allergies. I took an Actifed to dry things up a bit, but I felt pretty punk. I suggested to daisy_knotwise (who had gotten up early for the cleaning lady this morning) that maybe she could go to the game instead.

It was not a lack of enthusiasm for seeing Gary that was a problem on her part; it was the same damned cold.

And then the Cubs canceled the game on account of rain. It hadn't actually started raining, but the forecast was for abject misery, only to be compounded by the shortage of urinals at the park.

I am looking forward to going to a game with Gary some other time.

Almost any other time will be better. :)
Tags: baseball, cardinals, cubs, health, home, musings

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