Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

10 Unlikely, but Probably Not Impossible Things

Actually, daisy_knotwise will match on some of these, but we're married. So there!

1) Placed my hand on a WWII leftover tank on Guam.
2) Had a scientific paper published over 20 years after doing the work.
3) Inadvertantly created a pillar of flame reaching to the ceiling.
4) Seen "Cats" three times with three different women.
5) Been told by Skip Griparis to "keep my day job".
6) Taken classes at Second City.
7) Had lunch with Ronnie Rice.
8) Produced more than 25 albums.
9) Been on a televised high school quiz bowl program (twice).
10) Been in a meeting with Donald Rumsfeld.
Tags: meme
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