Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

No Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy

Oh, good. I finally figured out why I wasn't getting the correct answer back to the XML query that I was sending to the provider application -- it was because the calling program had bypassed the provider application and had sent the request directly to the back end server. As it turns out, the back end server could process that request, but it wasn't providing the updated version of the answer.

So I modified the back end server to provide the updated response to the request.

And the calling program then sent a new request that I was not prepared to answer, because we had never seen it before. Apparently, if you claim that you can handle a certain type of functionality, you get a whole new set of queries. Joy!

The new request is documented (fortunately), but the problem is that -- since the number of custom dimensions in our application varies from entity to entity -- I can't actually send back the "correct" response that would include the set of custom dimensions that we intended to support.

Now, it happens that in order to implement a sparse data set, the custom dimensions get bound to the account dimension, so I suppose I can just report out the five static dimensions that we use and let the custom dimensions bind to the accounts.

I suppose.

I'll think about this some more in the morning.
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