Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

We Didn't Start the Fire

Or perhaps that should be "Burn, Baby, Burn!"

On Monday, I finally got my act together, grabbed the video camera and set out to burn a couple of things to DVD. There's the SpaceTime Theater show from Capricon that Greg has been waiting patiently for the last several months. There's also the evening performance of "Barnyard Moosical" from the girls' school where the planned recording effort failed dismally and they've been looking for someone who got a good take of it. Well, we knew the recording was good (other than the bits of "starring Katie and Julie" where I zoomed in which they'll just have to live with :) ), so it was just a matter of burning it to a DVD.

I transferred all of the files from the SD card in the camera to the computer's hard disk. This took a while.

And I figured I'd take a run at the school musical first. So I set it up to copy and burn. It made the disk image for copying --

And then hung.

*grumble* *grumble* Well, that was 45 minutes shot to heck. Let me try that again.

This time, it reported out that it was unable to write the DVD.

Oh. The player had been reading CDs fine, but that was no reason to believe that the burner was actually working, this being George Washington's Computer and the burner being one of the original parts from 2008.

Rather than mess around with it, I figured I'd just order a replacement. In fact, I could order a Blu-Ray player/burner, since they had become both available and relatively cheap since 2008. I found a likely one on NewEgg where I would have had to pay for three day shipping and it might have gotten here by the weekend.

And then I found the same model on Amazon for a dollar cheaper with Prime shipping which meant that I could have it today for less.

I voted for "today for less".

The new drive is now installed in the machine, an operation that took less than fifteen minutes.

We'll see how it does.
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