Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Yours, G. Washington

George Washington's Computer is now seven years old and stubbornly refusing to burn a DVD. This is being really annoying.

The problem is that I'm running out of things to change out that aren't going to be either really expensive or really annoying. Swapping the motherboard is enough of an operation that I might as well build a new computer. It's possible that there's a memory problem, so I could try replacing the RAM, but that's a moderate amount of expense with no guarantee of success. Upgrading to a 64-bit OS (and presumably adding more RAM) would require reinstalling all of the software.

Building out a new computer to my current specs would cost about $1600. And then I would have to build it and reinstall all of the software from the original disks. And it would take a good bit of time.

Time to think about this some more...
Tags: computers, home, musings, tech

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