Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Change of Plans

Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes!

For my birthday, we had planned to head out to Red Robin for lunch, after which Katie and Julie would take me over to Build-A-Bear Workshop and buy me a stuffed minion for my office. (Because, seriously, I need a minion.) Later in the day, samwinolj, Bonnie, and Jerry would come over and we would grill some sausages.

This plan did not survive contact with the enemy. Mostly because the enemy arrived yesterday.

daisy_knotwise spent yesterday in bed, absolutely miserable with a sore throat and congestion. Julie had had a minor sore throat yesterday morning that progressed to a major sore throat by yesterday night, so the kiddie ibuprofen came out.

Katie just decided to stay up late. *sigh* What else is new?

Anyway, Gretchen decided the better part of valor was to make appointments for her and Julie at the nearby Walgreeens clinic. Sadly, the appointments were an hour and a half apart, so Gretchen went up first to get her strep test (she passed and was given the requisite antibiotics). Then I took Julie for her strep test -- also positive -- and got her some Zithromax liquid, because she had the massive amoxycillin rash a few years ago.

Everyone is feeling much better now -- not well exactly, but much better.

But we canceled the Red Robin trip and called our friends off, figuring that strep was a gift they would prefer not to share.

This made it a rather relaxed day. Which, you know, wasn't a bad thing. :)
Tags: birthday, health, home, kids, musings

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