Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Power to the Devices

So with all of the chaos that's going on, we put my office back together -- at least until the floor sanding occurs! The painters relocated a power strip from the floor to the back of the return on my desk, which is probably a better place for it, but since there was already a power strip there plugged into the first one, the back of the desk is getting crowded. Really crowded.

Ok, so how many outlets do I actually need? Well, more than eight. Let me count.

  • Desktop computer
  • Docking station for laptop
  • Widescreen monitor
  • 4:3 monitor
  • NAS
  • Phone
  • Speakers
  • Network hub
  • WAP
  • VPN appliance
  • KVM switch

    Eleven, huh? Why are there more than eleven things plugged in? I'm guessing that there are some no-longer-used wall warts in this collection, but I'm not yet ready to start unplugging things willy nilly and seeing what happens.

    In any case, though, it looks like this can be handled with a 12-outlet surge protector. Happily, they make those, so I've ordered one and will straighten this mess out when it arrives.

    I wonder what those other plugs are...
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