Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Cubs Win!

Ok, that was a weird game.

The Cubs were playing the Dodgers. Clayton Kershaw was pitching for the Dodgers (which is why I was at this particular game), but he clearly didn't have his good stuff. Despite this, he only gave up three runs in seven innings.

During the game, we saw:

  • Two Cubs players, including the starting pitcher, depart with injuries
  • A lighting failure that caused a delay and a lot of conversation on the field. (It looked like Maddon wanted them to wait for the lights to be fixed, which was greatly to the Cubs' advantage, given that they were leading, five innings were complete, and rain was in the forecast.)
  • A brief rainstorm which didn't stop the game, but which cleared a lot of folks out and sent them home
  • Two home runs by Kris Bryant

    The end result was that the Cubs won, 4-2, and -- against all odds! -- the game was finished before 10 PM.

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