Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Seeing the Light

I finally finished the ISFiC Press financials some time after 2 AM last night and forwarded them on to Tom so that he can file our taxes. And there was much rejoicing.

Earlier in the day, I engaged in some general frustration relief before dinner and went over to the nearby park and started beating up enemy portals in Ingress. I walked about four kilometers and did a good bit of damage. And I made it up to level 5. :)

Meanwhile, back on the home renovation front, we had the lighting in the kitchen redone, removing the fluorescent ceiling fixture that daisy_knotwise had long referred to as a display case for dead bugs and replacing it with an island light with four pendants and four LED cans on the side of the kitchen nearest the stove. I put four 60W equivalent Cree soft white bulbs into the island light and declared victory.

Except that the LED cans also had Cree bulbs in them, but they were very nice LED inserts from their TW series, which have a CRI of 93 instead of 80. 100 is sunlight equivalent for color reproduction. 80 is decent, but pretty yellow.

I went poking around on the Home Depot website and discovered that they were clearing out six-packs of the 60W TW series bulbs for $42.22, which is more expensive than your standard LED bulb, but a darned good price for the TW series. So I ordered a six-pack.

The next day, I found a message in my spam bucket that Home Depot had canceled the order with no explanation. So I called them up and got someone who had no idea what was going on. He said that the bulbs were no longer in stock, they couldn't deliver them, and that he was really sorry and couldn't explain why my order had been canceled with no explanation. In fact, you couldn't even get to the canceled order from the website -- the link would fail.

While I was on the phone with him, I pulled out my cellphone and ordered another six-pack of bulbs from the website, this time asking for the bulbs to be shipped to store instead of shipped to home.

And I got a shipping notice earlier this week. So I ordered two more six-packs of TW bulbs.

I picked up the first of the orders today at the local service desk. (Which was being slow beyond all belief.) Yes, that's six Cree TW bulbs, curiously enough in individual packaging in a tray that would normally have held many more bulbs. Ok. They were still the right bulbs.

So I took them home and installed them in the island light.

The light in the kitchen is very good now.

I think I'll put some of the next set of bulbs in the studio...
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