Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Our Lady of Perpetual Strep

daisy_knotwise has strep again. Dr. Bob was good enough to call in a prescription yesterday for a Z-Pak in an attempt to knock the thing out and Gretchen is slowly starting to improve after having spent most of the last day and a half in her recliner chair. In any case, she is very tired of having strep.

The upshot of this was that I volunteered to take Katie and Julie to their swimming lesson this morning. Since the temperature outside was 59 degrees, I was not greatly surprised to arrive at a pool that was thoroughly closed and locked shut. Thus, we came home and little girls fell into a Minecraft frenzy.

Later, I ran out to McDonald's to pick up lunch for Gretchen, Katie, and Julie; then on to Five Guys and a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up some replacement switch covers. Had I but realized that I would be going there again today...

The guy arrived to look at the attic fan that we'd had installed a few years ago and pronounced it most likely dead. Although it's under warranty, the process of getting the warranty honored is going to cost far more in stomach lining than it's worth. Also, the guy is coming back tomorrow to install a replacement fan, so it's important to actually have the fan when he gets here.

Well, I'd gotten the original at Home Depot. I could certainly get another one. So after consulting with Gretchen, we piled into the van and started north to Home Depot, intending to continue on to Old Country Buffet for dinner where I could bring Gretchen soup and things like that.

The plan collapsed about three minutes after we left home when Gretchen suddenly realized that Julie had tumbling tonight. There was just enough time to go to Home Depot and get the fan. Then I dropped off Katie and Gretchen and took Julie to her tumbling class.

And while she was tumbling, I walked around the park playing Ingress and racked up another 40K AP, which puts me over halfway to level 7. Afterwards, I picked up the rest of the family and we went over to Sweet Baby Ray's for dinner.

Now, it is finally time for bed. :)
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