Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

You Know You're Driving an Older Car When...

My Ford Five Hundred is ten and a half years old, but it's still running fine. It is, however, the oldest car that I've owned, which is (I would suspect) a byproduct of having children with college funds to fill. So I look at new cars; I just don't do anything about it.

The other day, I pulled the car into the garage after a drive on a hot day. I happened to walk past the rear fender and I looked at the dealer decal on the trunk lid. It seemed distinctly crumpled, so I reached up, found a loose edge, and tugged lightly.

The decal came off intact -- and well worn! -- in my hand.

Apparently, the dealer no longer wanted to be associated with this car.

Of course, the dealer went out of business many years ago, so... :)

(I do need to get some cleaner out there and remove the remaining decal glue.)
Tags: cars, home, musings
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