Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The State of the Television

So we're into summer and it's time for alternative viewing. Some of this has been killing off episodes of series that were recorded earlier in the year; some has been summer series of one sort or another.

Under The Dome is back. I'm still watching it. Gretchen has given up on it, declaring it too claustrophobic for her tastes. The stupidity is still thick on the ground here, but we're moving toward a resolution.

Extant has been dropped -- actually, not even started up again after last season. If anything interesting is happening there, you all can let us know. :)

Halt and Catch Fire is a series that we're watching with a sort of fascination that you have for an impending train wreck. I remember 1985. I may remember it better than the writers. I do know that we had been running chat rooms on PLATO in the late 1970s, so I am less than impressed with this innovation. Of course, PLATO was always ahead of its time...

Hot In Cleveland was stacked up waiting for us to watch it. It was a lot of fun. We're going to have to see if they continue re-running older episodes that we've never watched, as we watched really irregularly before this year.

The Good Witch is a Hallmark series starring Catherine Bell (who we met on JAG). It's good light viewing. We're digging through the old movies, many of which were just rerun this last week.

Forever was a series that we recorded but never got around to watching before it was canceled. We're enjoying it quite a bit, so we're sad that it didn't make it. I commented to Gretchen that it was a series ideally designed to appeal to viewers of Castle and Elementary. Sadly, it appears that the Venn diagram intersection of those two sets wasn't nearly big enough, but we're in it.

And that's what's on the TV around here when the little girls aren't watching it.

So what are you watching?
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