Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


So yesterday's inchoate scream was like this:

We contracted to have the house painted and the floors sanded this summer. The whole project was supposed to be done by the end of June. The painting got finished ok, but the floors were delayed.

In an effort to try to get this done and to get Gretchen and the girls the vacation they deserved, we booked a three day excursion to Great Wolf Lodge up in the Dells so that at least the upstairs sanding could be completed while we were out of the house. We left on Sunday.

Late on Tuesday, I got an email saying that the sanding had not started, because the contractor's work crew had fallen apart. He has located someone else who may be able to do this for us starting on Monday at a somewhat higher price.

I am not thrilled. I am also short on good options.


No, a lawsuit is not a good option. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
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