Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Bill vs. the Volcano

I have now talked to the new flooring contractor (who is cheaper than alternatives that I've checked on due to a variety of factors, mostly good) and he will start working on the floors on Monday. This is pretty much going to be a case of we are all doomed, but it's the best alternative and we'll figure out how to work around it.

In the meantime, my office was completely disassembled and I needed to get back to work. Since I have the setup for the studio in the basement with a couple of monitors, I figured I could probably route things around so I could use those with the existing dual-monitor KVM switch that I use for work and proceed.

Well, I managed to get the VPN phone up and running and get the laptop connected to the hardware VPN.

The KVM switch is a VGA-based switch with USB connections.

The mouse and keyboard down here both use PS/2 connectors. (Actually, the mouse is USB with an adapter, but the extension cable for the mouse is PS/2.) Well, I could snag the USB keyboard that I use upstairs...

And then I would need a USB extension cable. Two, actually. I wonder if I have any of those. Well, I guess I have one. Maybe there's another somewhere.

Yeah, maybe that will work. I'll just need to cobble together some kind of VGA extender cable. I can manage that.

What I can't manage is that the main monitor down here has a digital output and a Display Port, not a VGA output. Somewhere in one of the boxes upstairs, there is a spare Display Port to VGA adapter.

And this project has just moved into the realm of "to heck with it all".

So I have pulled out my wireless mouse for the laptop and will be running with the laptop monitor for a week or so.

I will survive this.

I might not survive the previous rewiring plan... :)
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