Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


Two weeks ago, we frantically finished packing up our house and left for a short vacation so that our contractor could get started sanding our floors upstairs. It didn't happen.

The person that he recommended to take over the job came over at the end of that week and said he would return on Monday to start sanding. It didn't happen. He isn't returning phone calls or texts. (I don't actually have his number, but the original contractor does.)

I called a flooring guy that a friend recommended. He didn't return the call.

I called another flooring guy that a different friend recommended. He came out and measured the house on Thursday and promised to get back to me with an estimate. He hasn't yet, although Gretchen points out that he actually hasn't had much time to put it together.

But the floors, which originally were supposed to be sanded and refinished by the end of June, have yet to be touched; nor do I actually have anyone with a commitment to or a start date for the project.

My mood is half past foul.

If I haven't heard anything by tomorrow, I'm moving back up to my office and rewiring all of the computers in the house, because there are things that I need to do that require all of the things that I would normally have up there.

And we will figure out when this will be done.

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