Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Waiting for Godot, If Only Godot Knew How to Operate a Floor Sander

I have a call in to another floor refinisher that a friend recommended. We'll see how that goes. No estimate yet from the guy who took the measurements, although I need to take another crawl through my spam bucket just in case an email went there.

in the meantime, the new switch that I ordered from Amazon has arrived. This means that -- assuming that I can find the power strip buried somewhere in the bottom of one of the boxes -- I can fairly quickly rewire the access point and the printer in my office. This will allow me to wire up the computers for Gretchen and the girls in the bedroom and will give the Roku upstairs something close enough to stream video from, which means that they'll be able to watch YouTube up there again.

(This, of course, assumes that the DLP set up there doesn't progress badly before I have time to get a new DLP chip and install it for the repair that it needs. We have three stuck pixels now and a fourth that's flashing, which apparently means that we could lose a whole bunch more pixels any time now. TV repair was on the top of my list of things to do this week...)

Once all that's done, I can contemplate wiring up my office computer and whether or not I should pull the work computer back up from the basement. Those last two steps depend on what I hear from assorted flooring refinishers.

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