Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

On the Road Again

Well, actually, more like on the stairs again.

After much agitation from the girls (and a little bit from Gretchen, who was getting tired of dealing with the laptop), I opened up the new switch and grabbed the wireless access point that we use upstairs and hauled it back up from the basement. It took a little while to find the new power strip for the office (which I had carefully packed in the bottom of a box that turned out to be at the bottom of the stack in the garage), but once I had that, it was a fairly quick matter to get the WAP back up and running. This meant that the Roku attached to the upstairs TV now had a good enough connection to stream video again -- or, more to the point, Minecraft YouTube videos were again available there. I also hooked up the printer to the network.

Then I opened up the box of cables for the computers in the bedroom. With a bit of help from Julie crawling under the computer desks, I got both computers wired back up and on the network. And there was much rejoicing.

Having done all this, I said to heck with it all and went downstairs and packed up all of the office gear and brought it back up to my office. After about an hour or so, everything is back together and working.

I think. :)

But the good news is that I am back in my usual office chair with my usual keyboard.

And there was much rejoicing about that too.

(No matter what happens with the floor refinishing, it's not going to start before next week, so...)
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