Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Dust in the Wind

I slept really badly last night, not because today was the first day of school for Katie and Julie, but because the folks sanding our floors were due to arrive today and I still hadn't dismantled the computers upstairs. (Well, I'd moved the work computer to the basement, but nothing was hooked up.) The result is that I'm pretty much exhausted today.

On the other hand, the guys sanding the floors have shown up and the amount of dust that has been scattered about the front of the house and the amount of noise coming from upstairs suggests that progress is being made. I poked my head through the plastic tarp a few minutes ago and the sanding of the staircase seems to have proceeded at frightening speed. :)

Our bed is in the family room. The girls are going to be sleeping in the library. Their bunk bed has been disassembled and is hiding in the guest bedroom, along with the rest of the furniture from their room and some of the furniture from our bedroom and/or the office, I think.

And the big ginormous desk has been pushed to one side of the office, as it doesn't actually go in and out of the door in any sane fashion.

Oh. And I disassembled the computers and brought them down to the kitchen table.

Now I just need to wire them back up...
Tags: home, house, kids, musings, school

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