Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


The sanding appears to be going well -- they sanded the living room this morning and I no longer see the water stains from the Christmas tree stand. I'm assuming that polyurethane is going down on the 2.5 rooms that are sanded upstairs.

Change, however, is not Julie's friend. Yesterday, Gretchen took her to the hair cutters because she had complained of her bangs being too long. Sadly, she did not want any of her other hair trimmed, but that was what was done, because paying for a full haircut to have her bangs trimmed seemed like a bad idea.

Julie was not in any way happy about this. The unhappiness continued into this morning. I am dearly hoping that it will have abated when I pick her up from school.

Tags: home, house, kids, musings

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