Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The More You Know

In order to get the floors sanded, I cleaned all of the files out of my file cabinet in the office and put them in bankers boxes. As I'm putting them back in, I'm going through the papers to get rid of ones that I no longer need. There are a lot of papers that I really no longer need.

As I was going through the "Appliances" file (which appears to have receipts for furniture and guitars in it, as well as anything that might be categorized as an "appliance"), I found a folder from Lowe's from when we had the new water heater put in. That would be the water heater that has the annoying intermittent failure on the upper tank sensor that I have been fixing by the laying on of hands method.

Apparently, I bought an 11 year extended warranty.

Well, I guess I know who to call when it fails next...
Tags: home, musings, stuff

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