Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Tomorrow's Gonna Be a Brighter Day

Recently while we were driving around in the car, I decided I wanted to listen to some Jim Croce, so I pulled out my phone and told it to find my Jim Croce collection.

It wasn't there.

Ok, how did I miss ripping my two CD Jim Croce set into the computer? I don't know, but Gretchen found it and things finally settled down enough that I was able to rip it and transfer it to the phone. This meant that while I was distracting Katie with computer games this evening, Jim Croce could be playing in the background on the computer speakers.

And that was a happy thing.

In other news, Gretchen and I unpacked seven boxes into the bookcases in the living room tonight. And a box of DVDs into the family room. And I think a couple of other scattered boxes...
Tags: home, house, music, musings
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