Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Time After Time

Having made it safely back from OVFF, here are the lyrics for the song I wrote for this year's songwriting contest for which the topic was "Time After Time". (The over/under on the number of entries containing that phrase in their title was 3.5; we hit the under at 3.)

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2015

Time After Time

If you can do it,
I can undo it.
I’m on your trail.
If you can change it,
I’ll rearrange it.
You’re bound to fail
Time after time.

I’ve got a job to do, I do it well.
You race from time to time, out raising hell.
Every ripple that you make, I need to cancel out
To keep the future safe when all you vandals are about.
Time after time.

Some of you are crazy, and some of you are blind.
And if you want your grandpa dead, I really wouldn’t mind.
But each new instability leads closer to the end
And so I’ll save his life from you, again, and again, and again.
Time after time.

And some of you will tell me that you seek a greater good,
That baby Hitler ought to die the way that Hitlers should.
But in that mutant future, there’ll be no one left to mourn
A half a trillion people who will never have been born.
Time after time.

No changes are permitted anywhere along the line.
From Big Bang to Eternity, humanity is fine.
As time maintained immutable is time that mankind rules,
And so I keep the time stream safe from madmen, cranks, and fools.
Time after time.

(Chorus twice)
Time after time.
Time after time.

Or, as I once said in a SpaceTime Theater bit, "Do you have any idea how much paperwork it takes to requisition a comet?"
Tags: cons, filk, home, lyrics, musings, spacetime

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