Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Weighing In

Last night, I pulled the scale out of the under-bed limbo that it's been in since our bathroom renovation last summer. This morning, I weighed in.

No, I don't plan to put that number on public display. But I'll let you know if it moves.

Today, I'm officially trying to eat better. Which means that there's a Frozen Brick O'Food (TM) heating in the microwave. And I got up and spent 20 minutes on the exercycle this morning. (No calisthenics though, despite daddy_guido's tempting challenge. Maybe later.

I plan to spend five days a week on the exercycle in the morning. Saturday is reserved for walking when the weather improves, for reasons that I'll get to in a later post. Sunday, I get to rest.

I get to go to Hot Dog Island for lunch once a week. (And, actually, my boss is coming in this week, which means that I'll probably only end up eating two Frozen Brick O'Food packages this week. But maybe easing in is ok...)

Then, daisy_knotwise and I will continue our discussion of rational dinners. And dessert needs to move down to the once-a-week setting on the menu.

We'll see how this works.
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