Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

This and That

We had a SpaceTime Theater rehearsal today for the reading at Windycon next weekend. It went pretty well and I think we've sorted out most of the sound effects, which is good. :)

After the rehearsal, samwinolj and Jerry were good enough to help me unpack the remaining books into the library. The garage is nowhere near empty and yet much emptier. Then daisy_knotwise made superburger for dinner for the lot of us. Katie and Julie, not knowing what they are missing, had Lunchables instead. *sigh*

I spent some time later in the evening beating up the old laptop to see if there is anything that can be done to make it run faster. The answer appears to be "not a lot", but I cleaned out such cruft as I could find.

So that Julie could take a bath, I went down and lit the water heater (second time today; first was to do a load of dishes in the dishwasher). While she was doing that, I pulled out the P-touch label maker and carefully relabeled all of the many buttons on the X-Touch so that they corresponded to the Cubase usage of them. This makes it much easier to use.

And then, before coming upstairs to go to bed, I lit the water heater again (third time today!) so that there will be hot water for showers in the morning. *sheesh*

Just now, I've set up e-mail on my phone for work, because the company that was providing synchronization services for us appears to have abruptly gone out of business. So their software goes out and the stock Android experience goes back in. I managed to figure out how to do all of this despite a set of instructions from the company that seemed much better designed for some version of Android earlier than Marshmallow. But I'm developing some experience with these things... :)
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