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Bill Roper's Journal
Stop Me If You've Heard This One... 
9th-Nov-2015 06:09 pm
You remember my hot water heater? The one that is now flashing four times to indicate that the little ECO sensor has gone off and that the valve has no intention of allowing me to light it again?

I did some more poking around on the web. It turns out that this water heater has a reset button for the ECO sensor. Reports on it are extremely mixed, but I figured I'd go look at it.

Well, the button appears to be sort of stuck in my not-too-educated opinion. In my somewhat better educated opinion, I now know what happened when the guy came to look at the water heater last Thursday.

As I walked around into the laundry room to turn on the overhead fixtures there to get him some more light, he removed the plate on the bottom front of the water heater to expose (among other things) this button. He then pulled the two spade connectors off of the button and hot-wired them together with electrical tape, completely bypassing the reset button.

Because, you see, the problem with the upper tank sensor obviously had something to do with this completely unrelated button.

*thud* *thud* *thud*

Oh, and then he left the system hot-wired together when he left.

Dear God.
10th-Nov-2015 02:45 am (UTC)
The guy who just safety-inspected my truck has informed me that the PREVIOUS guy who safety-inspected my truck cross-threaded two of the lug nuts. ...on the same wheel.

Seriously? Changing a tire is literally the first fucking day of mechanic school. How does somebody fuck THAT up?
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