Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Let It Snow!

We had hot water this morning. It was a happy thing.

daisy_knotwise had a hair appointment this afternoon, so I picked up the girls from school. Report cards came today and the happy results should make for an easy meeting with the teachers on Monday. (There are a couple of things I want to ask about, but it mostly is my commentary on Katie's occasional anxiety attacks over homework. Either she isn't paying attention to the explanation of the assignment or she's not understanding it, so I want to see what's needed to fix it.)

When Gretchen got home, I ran over to the park and spent an hour playing Ingress, because I had so many weapons in inventory that it had become imperative to burn some off. I rolled up 143K AP in an hour, largely due to the 2x multiplier for experience that's in effect right now. So I'm over halfway to level 10, which won't improve my medal position, but is always nice. :)

I left the park just as the snow started to fall. And it fell. And it fell.

Katie and Julie have already built ginormous snowmen, with a little bit of lifting help from me. This is tremendous packing snow.

I am so not looking forward to (carefully) shoveling it tomorrow.
Tags: home, ingress, kids, musings, weather

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