Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Snow: You Can Stop Now

I got up early this morning to take Katie off to the meeting point for the planned trip to the Museum of Science and Industry.

They didn't go, deciding that the six inches of slush on the roads already was a fine reason not to try to drive to the south side of Chicago. Instead, they spent half a day working on decorations for the troop's Christmas tree.

I headed off to pick up coffee and soda, making stops at several local parks, a church, and the local fire station as I knocked down and built a bunch of fields while Cargressing in the snow. When I got home, our neighbor was clearing the slush off the driveway and I decided it would probably be wise to do the same. It was a mess.

The trip having been canceled, we needed to pick up Katie at noon, which meant that we would have time for lunch before Julie went to a friend's birthday party. This was about the time that the snow picked up again, no longer slush, but a much finer yet still heavy powder. So we ended up getting lunch at "The Bacon Place", the nearby pancake house which the girls like a lot. Then we dropped Julie off at the party and I ran to Sam's Club where Gretchen filled up her tank and I picked up several things that we needed, including ground beef for meatloaf for dinner.

By about three o'clock, the snow had wound down to the point where I went out and shoveled another six inches of snow off the driveway and sidewalk, now regretting the fact that I hadn't bought fresh gas for the snowblower. I figured I'd shovel under the van when Gretchen went to pick up Julie, but by the time she did, the shoveled driveway was starting to get slick, so I decided that patch of snow could stay there for a while.

It's supposed to melt later this week anyway...
Tags: home, ingress, kids, musings, weather

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