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Thanksgiving Day: Electric Boogaloo Edition 
26th-Nov-2015 01:57 pm
Gretchen, Katie, and Julie got up (relatively) early to watch the Thanksgiving Day parades. I slept in a little bit later before hitting the shower.

It was about this time that Katie arrived to let me know two important facts:

  • There is no way she can wait for Minecraft Story Mode to come out for the Wii U, so I need to buy it for her for the computer. (No, dear.)
  • The breaker for the stove has blown, so they can't start the pumpkin pie until I go to the basement and reset it.

    So after I got dressed, I checked things out in the kitchen, where it turns out that the electric kettle and the toaster should not be run at the same time apparently. And then off to the basement.

    Not this breaker. Not that breaker. Not any of the first five breakers that I tried, as it turned out.

    The sixth breaker is dead. I mean dead dog dead. The switch waves back and forth, doing absolutely nothing. It is an ex-breaker.

    Did I mention that it's Thanksgiving?

    I check on line and discover that Home Depot is indeed closed for Thanksgiving, just as I expected. And Meijer carries a great many things, but circuit breakers do not appear to be one of them. So this breaker is not getting fixed today.

    I briefly consider swapping another breaker to that spot and decide that would be stupid. After all, we have a gas range. It just has electric ignition, which doesn't draw much current at all. So I grabbed an appliance extension cord from the basement, went upstairs, pulled out the range, unplugged it, and plugged it into the extension cord, which is now wired into one of the working sockets in the kitchen.

    Tomorrow morning, I'll get the new breaker -- and a new GFCI socket, in case that's blown too -- and install it. And then I'll head off to Chambanacon.

    Today, there will be pumpkin pie and turkey.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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    27th-Nov-2015 10:01 am (UTC)
    Not any of the first five breakers that I tried,

    Maybe while you are changing the Norwegian Blue one you should label them all.
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