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Bill Roper's Journal
There Is Something Wrong With This Picture 
25th-Dec-2015 10:41 pm
So it's like this. Having bought both girls Minecraft signons, we discovered that Gretchen's computer (which is the one that Julie would be using) would no longer connect to the Internet, because the Wi-fi dongle is dead. It was being flaky yesterday, but was revived by plugging it back in. No such luck today. This is what I get for putting it in a relatively exposed USB port on the front of the machine. (And I think I found the extender cable that will allow me to plug it into the back of the machine except, of course, the dongle is already dead.)

I explained to Gretchen that we could either be without Wi-fi on her machine until Monday or we could go pile in the van tomorrow and go down to MicroCenter and pick up a new dongle and a webcam for the other computer, which will make both machines functionally equivalent. We agreed that going to MicroCenter would be a good idea under the circumstances.

Except it turns out that I can order both a Wi-fi dongle and a webcam from Amazon. With free next-day shipping. (Having already paid for Amazon Prime.) And they will arrive on Sunday. (With two-day shipping, they wouldn't arrive until Wed.)

Oh, and it's cheaper than MicroCenter. A lot cheaper by the time you factor in the webcam.

Amazon is busy eating everyone's lunch. And this is why. Eek!
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