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29th-Dec-2015 10:46 pm
This evening, after we got home from our miniature golf expedition with the Midkiffs and another of Katie's friends, the neighbor girls came over. This eventually resulted in them going sledding with Katie in the back yard on the crusty, icy mess of packed sleet masquerading as snow. And everything went fine until they hit the fence.

Happily, no one was hurt except for the fence, one section of which has now fallen into a neighbor's yard. I have not yet gone out to inspect the damage because it was:

  • dark
  • would have required walking across the crusty, icy mess of packed sleet masquerading as snow

    Retrospectively, I am relieved that nothing worse happened than damage to the fence.

    Contemporaneously, Katie got yelled at. A lot.
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    30th-Dec-2015 10:09 pm (UTC)
    If the fence fell over that easily, it might be because it was ill-seated (see also our neighbor's cut-rate fence installation by the Lowest Bidder) or rotting through (ibid). A fence that can't withstand a little impact isn't very sturdy in the first place...
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