Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Once More With Feeling

Ever since this summer's great round of renovations, Gretchen's van has been parked in the driveway. As the weather turns toward winter and finds more and more interesting things to throw at us, this becomes less and less tenable. We have had a sleet storm. We have had snow. Even frost is a problem when you're hurrying to get Katie and Julie off to school.

Tonight, the temperature is forecast to drop to zero degrees. Accordingly, I suggested to Gretchen that we implement her idea for getting her van back in the garage now:

  • Sort out the mess in the library and throw out any empty boxes.
  • Move the remaining boxes that are in the garage into the library where they can be sorted out somewhere warm.
  • Put the broken down empty boxes in my trunk so I can give them to Vlad for his upcoming move at the next Windycon meeting.
  • Put whatever is left in the garage back more or less where it belongs.

    This took longer than I anticipated (most things do). But when we finished, Gretchen was able to park in the garage again.

    And so was I. :)

    This meant that I didn't get anything else accomplished today, but I think I'll count this as a win.

    A big win.

    Especially tomorrow morning. :)
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