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Bill Roper's Journal
Cover Not Found 
19th-Jan-2016 11:43 pm
So I'm looking for a comic book cover and I'm beginning to believe that this particular cover does not exist and that I have cobbled it together from bits and pieces of memory. I'm looking for three heroes standing over the body of a dead hero on a sparse, almost empty yellow background. It has a very Golden Age feel to it, but there were so damned few teams in the 40s that it's fairly easy to eliminate almost every existing cover.

I've plowed through All-Star and All-Winners. I've checked Comics Cavalcade and World's Finest. I've even checked Flash Comics on the off-chance of something with Flash and Hawkman. Lots of empties.

Then I checked early Silver Age and came up empty through Justice League of America and Avengers. And X-Men. And Doom Patrol, in a fit of desperation. Not even Mystery In Space.

Not Astro City being particularly retro either.

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