Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Paying For My Traingressions

We had a late dinner with some of our business partners tonight, which meant that I ended up leaving the Loop pretty late. I had originally intended to take the El back out to the suburbs and have Gretchen pick me up, but after looking at the time and the fact that I had spaced a bit of the Loop El architecture, I decided it was just as well to hoof it the rest of the distance to the Metra station and take the train back to my car, allowing everyone to get to bed a bit earlier.

And being on a local meant there were opportunities for Traingressing that aren't usually available to me, so I now have a number of newly visited and captured portals along the route, despite the best efforts of speed locks built into the game. Mostly because the train stopped at every station, but still... :)
Tags: home, ingress, musings, work

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